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Audition Info and Tickets

An immersive, choose-your-own-ending, theatrical experience conceived by Flick Anderson and brought to life by Queerspace Arts! Apartment 348 is a contemporary dark comedy where the audience plays the main character- Fate. This play explores humanities complex relationship to the concept of Fate (in this case, the audience) in a selfish world made up of choices, consequences, and cheap wine. So come along to Astrid's dinner party for a good time... Well, for the audience at least.


Dir: Michael McPhee

AD: Rowan Brunt

Technical Director: Michelle Wood

Exec. Producer: Mackinnley Bowden 

Playwright: Flick Anderson


Astrid: Samantha Winsor 

Peter: Billie Scott

Jordan: Kelly Monisse 

Billy: Jay Monck


Playing at Woodburn Creative Studios in the heart of Redfern for ONE weekend only: 

11th of October- 7pm

12th of October- 3pm

12th of October- 7pm

13th of October- 3pm

Tickets on sale now! 

CW: Please note some performances (depending on audience choices) may depict violence, sex, and/or suicide

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